The «Cucumber» is not only a vegetable, it is one of the most exciting bands that the French territory has ever known.

The French Job, premier album, va vous embarquer dans un time tunnel résolument groove pour 16 titres furieusement accrocheurs qui naviguent du Swinging London jusqu’aux musiques de film, du breakbeat jusqu’au funk.

Ses influences sixties et son instrumentation vintage teintée de pop électronique dans une démarche foncièrement moderne, pourraient à la fois évoquer David Holmes, Lalo Schifrin, le catalogue KPM, ou bien les premiers Air.

Les membres de ce combo : Cyril Jean, Marie Julie Arnal, Christophe Vaillant, et Olivier Vaillant, ne sont pas inconnus de la scène pop française puisqu’ils ont fait leurs classes au sein de groupe comme The Strawberry Smell ou The Cryptones et participent actuellement à d’autres projets comme Pony Taylor et Stereoscope Jerk Explosion.

Laissez-vous emmener par cette cuisine musicale raffinée
et ces sonorités délicieusement maraîchères.

12 Lightyears per Hour • Videoclip

The French Job • Album Trailer

WEB PRESS ( English)

Cucumber – It’s Hippopotime / Shocking
First, let’s say that the band couldn’t deny its English influences from the 60’s beat & pop scene! “It’s Hippopotime” opens with one of these funky flutes we have been waiting for years to come to our ears again. It will last till the end of the cut giving it a constant jerky leitmotiv responding here and there to the soulful rhythmic brass. The crazy sound of the Hammond organ grows continuously and explodes finally in a psychedelic hysteria! The beat is powerful, breaky offering the quintessence of funky and pop drum patterns. Add some deep bass, joyful or weird light samples, juicy scratches, shouts and get our best recipe for a successful party. On the flip side, “Shocking” is an obvious and
talented homage to funky British libraries from the early 70’s! The grace, the power and the groove of Syd Dale or Alan Hawkshaw’s best works on the KPM or
Amphonic labels! The cut is driven by funky powerful brass a-la-swinging-London
and splendid broken rhythms, super groovy bass lines and sizzling
Hammond organ. Slices of moog gentle sounds finally enhance the track into
a fantastic club winner! We bet you can stand long on your two feet
with this phenomenon.


Cucumber – Chris clubber / Malyflow’s garden
First of all, let’s say that “Chris Clubber” is a dancefloor oriented
pop jerk monster! It opens on a supra electric intro with furious
garage guitar, superb Hammond organ and an outer space
moogy bass line. The hard driven rhythm enters then straight
ahead, shocking and amazing your ears with a fresh psychedelic
breeze! This non-stop killer groove features here and there some
juicy eerie breaks with Hammond and moog long enough to take a
deep breath before running back again to shake your body! On the flip,
“Malyflow’s Garden” could illustrate an LSD trip of Luke Skywalker, an
intergalactic investigation of James Bond or a lost scene from
Barbarella! The beat is slow and meditating (are Martians planning a
global Earth attack?), the orchestration is luxurious (did Cucumber
hire John Barry for this?) and the psychedelic & outer space
feeling is given by the interventions of the guitar, the organ and,
surely, more than a hundred Moogs playing together!
Heaven in the stars for “Malyflow’s Garden” vs. hell on the
dancefloor for “Chris Clubber”! You don’t have to
choose, they are both offered on this fantastic release
from Cosmic Groove! Bon voyage!

« Chris Clubber » is a wild Hammond psych-out, in the same vein as last years Stereoscope Jerk Explosion and equally as exciting.
The flipside « Malyflow’s Garden » will see fans of wierdbeard psychedelia get their
twitch on with this cosmic nugget. « It’s Hippopotime » sounds like the The
Mohawks mashed up with early Dj Shadow in a beat laden flute led
workout. The flipside « Shocking » is a funky psych rocker that sounds like a
long lost killer KPM recording. Martin Lawrie’s (soulgeneration UK)
Mega-groovy, French, Austin Powers-esque, instrumentals. Ultra funky, sure to set the party off right.

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