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Sheetah et les Weissmüller est un groupe de rock’n’roll psychédélique
aux prestations explosives. Guitare fuzz ou 12 cordes, orgue envoutant, chœurs
pop et rythmique chromée propulsent les hymnes du groupe jusqu’à la transe
convulsive des musiciens. Le groupe lillois a produit deux albums, 1 Ep et a participé à 4 compilations.

Après un premier album garage acide francophone salué par la presse internationale (Hola Yé-yeah, Screaming Apple Records – 2009), Sheetah et les Weissmüller sortent en 2011 leur album « Evolution Française », recueil de onze compositions originales. Enregistré au studio Circo Perrotti de Gijon (Espagne) par Jorge Explosion et Mike Mariconda, ce nouveau disque explore la face psychédélique du combo. Sitars, chœurs,…


Hola Ye-Yeah ! The 5 french psychedelic mod garage punkers SHEETAH ET LES WEISSMÜLLER launch their first album at the world’s stunned face. Sounding like a mix of Ronnie Bird, the SEEDS and the REMAINS they proudly present 11 original compositions and a powerful version of My Little Red Book. Sheetah et les Weissmuller started their career in 1962 and toured intensively until 1966 when they accidentally swallowed a magic potion that made them travel through time. Landing in september 2001 they kept on playing the music that made them famous many years ago and toured Europe with youngster bands like the FUZZTONES, the BELLRAYS, les PLAYBOYS, the CRYPTONES, CURLEE WURLEE, the MAGNETIX, LES TERRIBLES and many others. Dance to the anthems of a lucky new degenerated generation of fuzz maniac vixens and dandy cavemen! Sung in French and recorded in Spain on analogic equipement (Estudios Circo Perrotti, Gijon) for best results, this mind-blowing and regressive album will sure make you sweat and get wet on the dance-floor. French beat at it’s best!…… Sheetah et les Weissmuller is a French yeye-core-jerk-psychedelic band. Founded in 1961, they wrote a bunch of great songs and were just about to become successful when they swallowed a magic potion which brought them right into the early 21st century. Left alone in the Sixties, their manager sold out their original material that soon turned out to be smash hits or terrible b-sides performed by les Chats Sauvages, Brigitte Bardot, the Seeds and many others. Now Sheetah et les Weissmuller are trying to get to the top again with the tracks they were stolen 40 years ago. The legend is back.

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