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The origin of our organization, founded in 2008, has been strengthened by the creation of the association named “Ave the Sound!” in May 2009.
Our first collective project was built around a federal design, involving musician friends from the South of France sharing the same tastes in music: compiling songs from each member bands and calling it “South of Nowhere”, to be recorded on CD and 12” LP.
The chosen theme was obvious: The Rock’n’Roll festive spirit from the Sixties, our favourite musical field.
The first goal was the pleasure to simply create a collective work, with some musicians developing their own personal projects, we decided to offer the profits of our record sales, by buying mini stereo systems for the paediatric services in which children are hospitalized for long or medium term.

Why did we choose this direction?

We have all been faced with illness and hospitalization, either directly or through one of our children, our parents or our friends. These are difficult times and one can experience isolation. Everyone knows that the pain of bodies and the suffering of minds can lead to anguished claustrophobia.
For every healthy person, music is a cultural benefit, education joyful, guardian of emotions, and an outlet for grief. It is, for many diseases, an exchange involving silence and energy. An art while fostering communication and take grip to be a gentle soliloquy of the injured body. And beyond bland walls or the narrowness of a screen, musical notes carry the patient with imaginary emotional benefits.
If the benefits of music are accepted in major illnesses such as autism, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, the different brain or motor disabilities (or both), we chose to focus the profits from sales of our first record to paediatrics. We believe that a society that knows how to take care of its children is assured of building a brighter common future.
All of our bands, which include many songwriters, have funded their own recordings.
The donations from private companies are fully committed to financing this first project and thereafter.

We expect to continue to develop this idea, with the participation of new French and European members interested in our approach. We have been pleased to expand our horizon, already this year, with the arrival of our newest members.
All our bands perform on stage with a common goal: enjoy it, feel it, transmit it, share it.
Because the majority also exercises a profession, our members are not considered professionals. But music is a passion for them, and this has been so for over thirty years for some. They practice as leading experts, and have been recognized as such for years and by professionals themselves.  They are so enamoured with the stage they may be involved in several bands at once. They have produced numerous records, played at festivals abroad, and been active in evening shows where good humour is essential.
You will find the following bands participating in the compilation and others who have joined us since the creation of the association.
Thank you all for your support which will enable us to continue and expand our activities, to make them efficient in helping us make our bands known.
We solicit your assistance in various forms: programming of our groups in your rooms, your festivals, organizing parties, partnerships or grants.

Thank you for your attention and your support.

Best Regards.